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An Open Letter To Evolve Clients, Partners & Employees Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

 Colette Wyatt  

As a business operating in several countries, with multi-national clients, we recognise the importance of taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and keeping public health and safety front and centre in our minds. Your business needs to go on… “At Evolve, we are embracing and respecting physical distancing but not social distancing – we can

extended team in ukraine

How Our Own Search For Talented Developers Led Us To Ukraine


Have you ever been in what seems like a never-ending process of trying to source highly-skilled developers locally? Or when the deadline is just around the corner, and you have no bandwidth to deliver? If so, you’re not alone. We know because we’ve been in the same position ourselves. And

how startups can overcome coronavirus implications

What Startups Can Do to Not Only Survive but Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World


The Coronavirus has put tremendous pressure on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For startups, in particular, this is a challenging time to keep moving forward while attracting (much needed) investment. For tech startup vying for an injection of capital and mentorship, the process has also changed overnight. For example, the

risk mitigation in software development

How to Mitigate Risks With Software Development Supply Chain Distribution


The Coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a short-term challenge that has already done a major overhaul of how we live and work. It’s clear now that it will have long-lasting implications on how many different supply chains work all over the world, and will pressure and drive businesses to build long-term

UK remote working landscape 2020

The State of Remote Working In the UK 2020


In April 2020, the UK’s Office for National Statistics released a report showing that as many as 49.2% of all employees are working completely from home as a result of the quarantine and social distancing measures. To see how remote work perception and adoption have changed in the UK since

MedTech software development outsourcing

How MedTech Companies Can Accelerate Scale and Redefine Products After the Pandemic


In a post-COVID-19 world, MedTech can play a critical role in monitoring, preventing and minimising the impact of viruses on human health and national economies. However, the stocks of many major medical device companies aren’t fairing well as the pandemic impacts sales and growth projections. Experts predict a further decline in sales

how to combat coronavirus effects with outsourcing

How IT Leaders Can Work With Their Tech Partners to Overcome the Coronavirus Crisis


Coronavirus is a global phenomenon and a human tragedy, and technologies are playing a central role in navigating the crisis. Many of the things reshaping how we live and work today rely on technology – from massive WFH initiatives for employees to a surge in online shopping activities to use

bespoke development of elearning apps

EdTech App Research: How to Build eLearning Apps Users Will Love


Large-scale, national efforts to leverage the latest technology in support of distance education, remote and online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked interest in EdTech-based applications. It’s not surprising as millions of kids throughout the world are out of school and over 290 million students have been disrupted from

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