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An Open Letter To Evolve Clients, Partners & Employees Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

 Colette Wyatt  

As a business operating in several countries, with multi-national clients, we recognise the importance of taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and keeping public health and safety front and centre in our minds. Your business needs to go on… “At Evolve, we are embracing and respecting physical distancing but not social distancing – we can

foodtech software development

Feeding the Future: Breakthroughs in FoodTech In 2020 & Beyond


What does the future have in store for the food industry? We’ve analysed the findings of the latest research pertaining to FoodTech and its evolution at post-coronavirus times, and have put together an animated presentation below to highlight the key trends as far as food technologies are concerned. In a

how to align in-house and extended teams

How to Align In-House & Extended Teams to Make Them Work like a Well-Oiled Machine


The ongoing tech talent shortage has made working in remote and extended software development teams a popular option. Whether it’s managing an in-house development team or an (external) extended one, each model comes with its own unique challenges. This article will focus on how to make your in-house and extended teams work in

guide to teleworking

WFH Essentials: a Guide to Teleworking During the COVID-19 Pandemic


During this uncertain and stressful time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, your employees may not be as productive as they used to be when they worked from the office (WFO). Work from home (WFH) doesn’t mean a person will be working in full isolation; they’ll most likely be surrounded by

how to avoid IR35 with extended teams

How to Remove IR35 Risks by Leveraging Nearshore Resources


The proposed IR35 reform (which some consider highly controversial) represents the most significant change to the employment tax code for decades. This could have serious implications for both small and medium-sized businesses and the contractors they hire. Until now, British companies were able to leverage contractors for a variety of

extended team for MVP development

From MVP To MMP To MLP Using An Extended Team Model


While MVP seems like an overused buzzword, there are other proof-of-concept (PoC) solutions that startups and enterprises can leverage at different stages of their product engineering. Among them are MMP (minimal marketable product) and MLP/MAP (minimum lovable product/minimum awesome product). In this article, we will uncover how you can use

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