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How to Improve Software Quality With Software Delivery Management

how to improve software quality

How to Improve Software Quality With Software Delivery Management

18 mins ago
The organisation’s ability to build and deliver software effectively and efficiently to the end-user is a prerequisite for business success today. Companies leverage bespoke software to both provide the core business value to customers and stakeholders, and disrupt verticals and industries, compete for new customers and develop new revenue streams. […]
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clean code driven development

Why It’s Critical to Write and Deliver Clean Code

5 days ago
Back in 2007, a famous software expert Robert C. Martin (a.k.a. Uncle Bob) published the first edition of a book called “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship”. In it, he set forth a then-revolutionary paradigm that poorly written and unclean code can bring any development organisation to its […]
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resource planning on software projects

Juggling Supply and Demand In Software Development: Resource Planning

2 weeks ago
Two years ago, the Project Management Institute (PMI) conducted a comprehensive global survey of software development organisations and released The 2018 Pulse of the Profession® report that contained a lot of interesting and thought-provoking findings. In particular, the survey revealed that nearly 10% of every dollar spent by businesses was lost through […]
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value for money in outsourcing

How to Get Value for Money When Building a Software Product

3 weeks ago
The way businesses get work done is changing rapidly. For tech startups, the rate of change is accelerating as we speak. Whether it’s taking a low code approach, lean, or agile, all sorts of businesses are trying to do more with less (and quickly). However, if you’re not careful, you […]
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how to build MVP

How to Build an MVP in 2020

4 weeks ago
A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is still essential. In fact, in a post-pandemic world where the money is tight, it’s even more important to test your project early on to ensure that it meets the target audience’s demands. An MVP is a critical step in the development of successful digital […]
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uk fintech hiring trends 2020

UK Fintech Amid Covid-19: Hiring Trends and Demand for Fluid IT Workforce

1 month ago
The Covid-19 pandemic has left even the most Agile and resilient organisations in the UK scrambling in unimaginable ways. With the global supply chains being disrupted significantly, it becomes more difficult for businesses, big and small, to focus on growth and sustainability. The pandemic clearly underscores the need for a […]
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why software architecture matters

How Software Architecture Can Improve Your Bottom Line

2 months ago
Software is developed to serve different purposes. Successful commercial and enterprise applications are much more than the user interface. It’s all about what’s going on behind the scenes to get the job done. Custom software, for example, can help staff become more productive while minimising manual and repetitive tasks. However, […]
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how to use cloud credits to save costs

How to Save Your Cloud Budget with Service Credits

2 months ago
In a hyper digitised world, almost every organisation leverages cloud technology. As more enterprises move their technological infrastructure up to the cloud, the fierce competition for their business will equal more savings for customers. Google Cloud, for example, offers credits for potential customers to get a feel for their Google […]
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digital wallet development project

Seven Factors to Consider When Developing a Digital Wallet

2 months ago
When you’re queuing up in a supermarket, you often find shoppers counting coins, paying in cash, or swiping credit cards. Today, you might also see someone paying with a mobile digital wallet or eWallet.  eWallet mobile apps promise to be the next-level approach to digital payments that are poised to […]
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choosing between managed project and extended team

Managed Project or Distributed Team: How to Make the Right Choice

4 months ago
By Philippe Peron, our Chief Delivery Officer. Having built and scaled successfully distributed IT teams in Ukraine for such giants as and Just Eat, I’ve learned invaluable lessons that I’d like to share with a broader audience. I hope my tips will help you make the right choice between […]
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