We can help you set up your own Software Engineering Team within just 4-6 weeks

and reduce the total cost of your software development project while accelerating time to market!

Build your product with a right mix of tools, resources, and world-class human power!

What's in it for you?
  • Save time - we source the perfect candidates for you. Access the most in-demand skills and reduce your time to hire from several months to just 4-6 weeks.
  • Get mature talent - work with some of the most highly-skilled developers in the industry.
  • Maintain full control - your Extended Team is your Team to manage. We help staff your team, immerse it in your corporate environment, evaluate performance, scale, establish communication, retain and educate your talent.
  • Enjoy complete transparency - the only cost is each team member's salary plus our hosting fee.

Who benefits most from Extended IT Teams?

An Extended Team model works best if you’re in one of the following situations:
  • You don’t have a development team and need to build one quickly.
  • You have a roadmap but not enough resource to develop it.
  • You’re looking for additional development expertise to reach your goals faster.
  • You are struggling to attract and retain the talent you need.
  • You need to optimise your costs or save your development budget.
  • You don't want to distract your in-house team from core product development.
how extended team model works

How it works

  • We listen to understand the best technical and cultural fit for your team.
  • We search and source from a talent pool of more than 190,000 developers.
  • We shortlist a carefully-selected group of the best matching candidates.
  • You select - and then we recruit - your ideal development team.
  • We provide all of the facilities and equipment the team needs to work efficiently either on-premise (in our office) or remotely.
  • We can provide CTO-as-a-Service or PM resource on demand.
  • We take care of your HR, recruitment, IT, and administrative needs.
  • You manage the team's workload, milestones and delivery. We help monitor the team's performance and guide you throughout an entire journey.

Our work

Both startups and established brands benefit from partnering with Evolve. You'll be in good company!

At Evolve, we have more than 10 years’ experience building reliable nearshore Extended Teams to help brands like Yours develop fantastic software, while saving time and money. Don't perceive your local talent shortage and its high cost as a limitation – let Evolve turn it into an opportunity for You. Access an untapped pool of the highly-qualified talent in Ukraine, embrace telecommuting and jump fast on the new tech bandwagon in a cost-effective manner!

how to attract funding with an extended fintech team

Client Success Story: From idea to MVP & £1m funding in 8 months

When e-bate hired Evolve as a technology partner, their goal was to build fast an MVP of a highly scalable, flexible and easily configurable SaaS-based rebates management platform and gain investments to "go to market”.
  • 8 months to MVP
  • 3 months to win the 1st enterprise client
  • 16 weeks to complete the 1st enterprise implementation
  • £1m in funding attracted to “go to market”

e-bate is nominated for “Return on Investment” & “One to Watch Company” Awards at Network Computing Awards 2020 (winners will be announced on 1st October).

Find out how an Extended Team can give your software build the boost you’ve been looking for.

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