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How a UK-based Startup Used an Extended Team In Ukraine To Attract £1M In Funding

extended team in ukraine

How Our Own Search For Talented Developers Led Us To Ukraine

2 months ago
Are you currently in what seems like a never-ending process of trying to source highly-skilled developers locally? If so, you’re not alone. We know because we’ve been in the same position ourselves. Like you, we wanted to grow our business and needed extra resources to make this possible. But we […]
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penetration testing for startups, cybersecurity audit by Evolve

How Evolve Clients Benefit From Penetration Testing Embedded In Our SDLC

2 months ago
Last year, we heard a lot of new buzzwords that global security leaders and practitioners used to describe a current cybersecurity landscape. Despite the growing security concerns and strict measures adopted by countries and corporations to minimise cyber threats and the level of their impact on people and systems, cyber-attacks […]
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AVI-SPL Wins Twice at AV Awards

6 months ago
AVI-SPL was recognized at the AV Awards in London with two prestigious industry awards: AV Management and Control Technology of the Year and International Integrator of the Year.
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