Finding and hiring good software developers is a top challenge facing businesses all over the globe today.

As the world will never be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic, you need an experienced tech partner to help you tackle the talent shortage and embrace virtual collaboration fast and cost-effectively.

Hiring IT workforce should be a breeze, not a roadblock!

Scale up your software team with pre-vetted remote talent. Take advantage of our extensive experience with building successful client-tailored remote teams that deliver award-winning and disruptive solutions.
  • Expand your search for talented developers beyond your city and country
  • Reduce your hiring time from months to 4-6 weeks
  • Increase capacity of your internal IT team by augmenting it with remote staff
  • Swap resources flexibly as your situation changes
  • Save costs on office space and amenities and due to labour cost arbitrage
  • Get ad-hoc remote developers and QA talent for your short-term software project needs

Ramp up delivery of new features without having to wait until you can find good developers to hire locally!

We don't just supply resources. We go through an entire software development journey with you to make sure you're getting the most out of your remote team with us!
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How it works

  • Tell us who you're looking to hire
  • We start our search for candidates within own database and externally
  • We shortlist candidates for you to interview and make the final hiring decision
  • We create and send job offers and build your remote team either in our Ukraine-based Development Centre or remotely (teleworking)
  • We help you onboard team members, ramp up your remote project and integrate your remote team into your corporate environment for better results
  • You manage your remote developers as an organic extension of your in-house team or as a standalone software development department

What's in it for you

Hire full-time developers for long- and short-term projects

No rigid labour contracts. You can dismiss a team member with a 14 to 30-days notice if they fail to meet your expectations after passing probation. However, our 13 years of experience show this is rarely the case.

Our clients typically admit a very high level of maturity and productivity of software developers we pre-vet and supply.

Get your own reliable IT team set up remotely

Mitigate risks and build resilience by distributing your web development supply chain among several locations and/or extending your IT team to Eastern Europe.

Your remote team will be working exclusively on your project, to your expectations, and under your management and control.

Integrate remote software engineering talent into your in-house team

Stop competing with hundreds of other companies and recruitment agencies for local talent. They all source from the same pool and deal with the same resources, which means you’ll be interviewing the same people and facing a very lengthy and cumbersome hiring process.

Save costs

You’ll be able to save money due to labour cost arbitrage, as we source remote talent from Eastern Europe where developer rates and the total cost of resources are lower than in the UK.

Additionally, you’ll be able to save substantially by cutting expenses on office space and utilities, infrastructure, local hiring, and more.

e-bate is an affordable SaaS platform for decision-makers who need to implement and gain control of their rebate management. As they struggled to find mature software developers in the Midlands (and the UK in general) and couldn't delay their product development anymore, they turned to us for help.

We built a distributed IT team for e-bate across three countries: UK (CTO-as-a-Service, DevOps, UX/UI designers, and Azure stack developers), Ukraine (.NET developers, AngularJS, Solution Architect, QA, and Scrum Master), and Spain (.NET developers to boost the capacity of the Kyiv-based team).

As a result of cross-border software development, e-bate could build an MVP of a very complex innovative solution in just eight months, while it typically takes over a year to build a similar proof-of-concept solution in the UK alone (due to longer time to hire, rigid labour contracts, and highly inflexible, legacy-bound developers).

It took e-bate only four months to complete the first commercial enterprise implementation. Rapid MVP development allowed the startup to attract £1M in funding from Mercia Asset Management and private investors.

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