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What Startups Can Do to Not Only Survive but Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

how startups can overcome coronavirus implications

What Startups Can Do to Not Only Survive but Thrive in a Post-Pandemic World

2 weeks ago
The Coronavirus has put tremendous pressure on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For startups, in particular, this is a challenging time to keep moving forward while attracting (much needed) investment. For tech startup vying for an injection of capital and mentorship, the process has also changed overnight. For example, the […]
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UK remote working landscape 2020

The State of Remote Working In the UK 2020

3 weeks ago
In April 2020, the UK’s Office for National Statistics released a report showing that as many as 49.2% of all employees are working completely from home as a result of the quarantine and social distancing measures. To see how remote work perception and adoption have changed in the UK since […]
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distributed teams for business continuity

How Companies Can Ensure Business Continuity During the Pandemic

2 months ago
We barely started 2020 before the COVID-19 brought the world down to its knees. With over 55,000 infected, almost 7,000 deaths (and counting), and even the prime minister having spent some time in intensive care (to battle the infection), we now live in historic times.   As a nation, we […]
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how to avoid IR35 with extended teams

How to Remove IR35 Risks by Leveraging Nearshore Resources

3 months ago
The proposed IR35 reform (which some consider highly controversial) represents the most significant change to the employment tax code for decades. This could have serious implications for both small and medium-sized businesses and the contractors they hire. Until now, British companies were able to leverage contractors for a variety of […]
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Extended Teams mitigate impact of IR35 on businesses

How Extended Teams Overseas Can Provide Relief From IR35 Disruption

5 months ago
This article looks into challenges UK businesses are facing today as a result of HMRC regulation and IR35 in particular and shows how using Extended Software Teams built offshore or nearshore can be a good response to those challenges. What is IR35? IR35 refers to “the UK’s anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to […]
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