How e-bate uses Extended Team in Ukraine as a strategic software development unit

e-bate is the world’s first SaaS-based Rebate Management Platform that allows decision-makers to gain control of their rebate management quickly.

This ultimate rebate management solution disrupts how businesses manage contracts, reconcile and analyse customers and suppliers to maximise margins.

e-bate’s goal was to build a highly scalable, flexible and easily configurable SaaS-based platform that would allow the end customer to meet their needs without additional development being required. The ultimate goal was to build an MVP fast and gain investment to "go to market”.

How a UK-based FinTech Startup Received £1M in Funding Through Software Team Extension

The challenge

As e-bate was struggling to hire qualified software development talent locally in the UK, they decided to expand their search beyond it. Besides talent shortage issues, the company was completely dissatisfied with the quality of many local developers who were legacy-bound, stuck behind just one stack and were inflexible when it came to career advancement and learning new technologies.

Having weighed the pros and cons, the company made a final decision to go to Ukraine with Evolve.

How we helped

Evolve provided CTO-as-a-Service, Solution Architect, .NET Developers in both Kyiv, Ukraine and Malaga, Spain, QA's, Scrum Master and DevOps.

Since e-bate received funding, the development team has moved to them permanently, while the Solution Architect, QA, Scrum Master, and DevOps are still provided by Evolve as an Extended Team.

Colette Wyatt (Evolve’s CTO) and Philippe Peron (Evolve’s CDO) worked closely with e-bate to have a successful transition and they keep working with e-bate to ensure timely scalability to meet demand and achieve a roadmap.

As of Feb 2020, e-bate has 13 full-time developers in their Evolve-hosted team in Ukraine.

Results that speak volume

  • MVP built within just 8 months (Jan - Aug 2018)
  • The first major customer won in September 2018
  • Implementation for the first client completed in just 16 weeks (in comparison, it takes 18-24 months to implement other existing complex rebates solutions)
  • The first enterprise customer went live in just 3 months (Jan 2019)
  • £1m received in funding in June 2019
  • Extended Team
Resource Types
  • CTO-as-a-Service (UK)
  • DevOps (UK)
  • UX/UI Design (UK)
  • Azure Stack Developer (UK)
  • .Net developers (Ukraine + Spain)
  • Solution Architect (Ukraine)
  • AngularJS (Ukraine)
  • QA (Ukraine)
  • Scrum Master (Ukraine)
Technology Stack
  • .NET
  • AngularJS
  • Azure Stack

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