Evolve Featured Among Top 50 Staff Augmentation Companies

top staff augmentation companies

We’re excited to announce that a full-fledged b2b tech research and review platform GoodFirms has included Evolve in the List of Top Staff Augmentation Companies 2020.

GoodFirms uses different algorithms to calculate the average ratings and scores of the companies listed. The final score is based on the four main pillars: client reviews, portfolio, market penetration, and overall experience.

As a Leicester-based software house specialised in bespoke software development for other businesses across different verticals and niches, one of our key business models is staff augmentation, i.e., setup of client-tailored extended and distributed software development teams in our Ukraine-based R&D Centre. Each of our dedicated teams is managed entirely by the client and their product owner(s), which helps keep costs down while raising the quality of software product delivery and reducing time to market.

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As an external team provider, we at Evolve make sure each team is integrated smoothly with the client’s in-house team, follows the client’s corporate culture and policies, and works to the client’s expectations and in line with the planned milestones. We inject the client’s DNA into each team hosted on our premises, ensure an achievable roadmap, help source, hire, onboard, and replace external team members, assist with specifications, methodologies, etc.

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Our extended client-managed teams have built and delivered a broad range of software solutions, from MVP and clickable prototypes all the way through to legacy application upgrades and migration to the Cloud, robust enterprise, cybersecurity solutions, and more. Our clients have used extended teams with Evolve to raise external funding, reduce software development budget and OPEX, disrupt and innovate a niche, etc.

Being featured by one of the most trusted b2b IT directories among the best staff augmentation providers marks once again our industry recognition within the tech industry, which we’re looking to expand next year and beyond.

Are you looking for proven staff augmentation solutions to boost the capacity of your core/in-house team, add diversity, access missing expertise, reduce costs, and time to market? Get in touch with us now to discuss how we can help!


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