Evolve Takes Cybersecurity, Health & Safety Auditing to the Next Level With Pro-evaluate

We’re thrilled to announce that Evolve has just launched a new website for Pro-evaluate, our flagship product.

Originally designed by Health and Safety auditors as a tool to improve safety within organisations, Pro-evaluate has scaled and evolved into a full-fledged flexible audit and compliance software solution, which allows brands in different sectors to audit compliance against a wide range of processes, standards, and guidelines.

Pro-evaluate was a major rebranding of CHASE, a health and safety audit application built originally by Hastam. Hastam worked with Evolve in 2014 to do a major overhaul of their solution and build the software with the mission to produce an off-the-shelf model for businesses in any industry or sector to use for compliance audits.

As a result, Evolve took over the Pro-evaluate development project and assembled a dispersed team to build it. Today, a UK-Ukraine cross-border team scale, improve and maintain the product.

In its current edition, Pro-evaluate provides robust solutions for cybersecurity, GDPR, and health and safety audits. Its features allow organisations to set up checklists and questionnaires in one place and access them from anywhere anytime, assign actions at the button click and keep track of progress, get a complete overview of audits being held, etc. All in all, it helps protect any business from operational and reputational risks and reduce/eliminate human error and administrative burden. 

“We can now have 100% confidence in our auditing process with the functionality Evolve have built into Pro-evaluate for us. We have also received some brilliant customer service from the team.”

Liz Groundland, Head of SHEQ at Seddon

Since its major overhaul in 2014, Pro-evaluate has been used extensively by some of the UK’s leading companies in construction (see Seddon case study), wholesale (e.g., Total Produce), travel (e.g., Airparks), manufacturing (e.g., Mondeles), technology and not-for-profit (e.g., Canal and River Trust) sectors. 

Clients point to the following key benefits of using Pro-evaluate:

  • Time-saving by using conditional questions, i.e., the most relevant questions to be asked for the audit;
  • Consolidated reporting based on audit and progress tracking;
  • Mobilisation and proactive responsiveness to threats and risks as a result of their timely detection (users see what risks need to be addressed, when and by whom);
  • Visibility of all outstanding risks, corrective actions, and progress to date.

Pro-evaluate is industry-agnostic and caters best to IT security managers and consultants, data protection and privacy specialists, cybersecurity auditors, and other IT decision-makers as well as health and safety managers and officers and brand managers.

We encourage you to browse the new website, check out case studies and request a demo to see our tool in action!

Are you looking to build a cutting-edge software solution for auditing? Request a callback from Evolve to discuss how we can help you do it fast and cost-effectively!

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