Custom Software Development for Seddon

Seddon delivers over £160m of building projects across the UK and employs nearly 800 people. New build, refurbishment, maintenance and energy solutions are provided via its group of companies.

How Seddon leveraged our consulting team in the UK to create a user friendly, scalable version of Microsoft Sharepoint for the contracting business

The challenge

Seddon had installed Microsoft Sharepoint in order to create a company-wide content management platform called The Hub. However, it soon became obvious that the system would need fundamental changes to how it was set up and supported if their plan for The Hub was to be realised.

Instability was having a negative impact on performance, while there was inconsistency in document mediums and a lot of content was incorrectly categorised.

How we helped

The first step was to stabilise the existing system. Then we set about investigating business objectives, processes, and what had gone wrong in order to find a resolution.

We created a more robust architecture and migrated content across to it. And we applied governance to all content and categorised it and its use. Policies and procedures were separated and protected and permissions put in place. Then Seddon staff were trained on how to use the new system.

The results

Performance and efficiency have been greatly improved. Not only is there now a stable solution that users can rely upon daily but search and retrieve standards also match company - and user - needs.

Seddon have a strategic platform on which to build further functionality, and The Hub is fresher, faster and easier to use. In other words, it’s exactly what they’d envisaged in the first place.

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  • Sharepoint Development
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  • Sharepoint Specialists
  • Project Manager / Scrum Master
  • Business Analysts
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