Success in offshore development teams

Welcome to our guide on the benefits of using offshore development teams for your next IT project.

Offshore development teams are not new; we at Evolve have been working with all types of teams for several years. We continue to deliver successful projects with these teams, reducing the dependency on our clients’ internal teams and management overhead.

The Blended Approach 
At Evolve we offer a fully managed service for all of our clients. We deliver successful projects without ambiguity. Roles and responsibilities are clear from the outset, reducing your management time.

Communication Handling
Evolve is the onshore point of contact for all of our clients. With a great working relationship with the offshore devlopment teams, we can help all team members work through any communication issues.

Productivity Tools
Evolve as the onshore point of contact for all of our clients provide the tools required to communication, these include:-

  • JIRA Core & Project – Scrum Boards, Sprints, Daily Stand-Ups, Design Reviews, Retrospectives.
  • HANSOFT Resource Planning – Resource & Capacity Planning
    JIRA Service Desk – Issue Tracking, Bug Fixing, Knowledgebase, How To Guides, FAQs, SLA Management

Business Hours
We appreciate and accommodate cultural customs and differences that can lead to different hours being ‘standard’ for the business day. 

Turnover and knowledge loss
Our turnover in both our own and offshore development teams are low which means we retain knowledge. We also have established up-to-date processes which creates situations where anyone can step in and do the work. Most of all, the answer to knowledge loss is better documentation, which we ensure is paramount on any project.

Who is the customer?
You are! With us managing offshore developers, we remove any stress or confusion that comes with dealing with an external team. We work with you as one team – as partners, with strong leadership and management.

Quality and Best Practice
At Evolve, we do not accept variability in the quality of delivery, we work very closely with our offshore resources to ensure they are following best practice, we carry out peer code reviews and there is always a Lead Developer assigned to each project. 

We practice ATDD (Automatic Test Driven Development) this means test is embedded at every stage of the project, from creation of user stories through to delivery, this ensures we deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers.

It is impossible to ignore the cost savings in an offshore scenario. The entire model was invented to save costs. But does it actually save money? Absolutely it does, in certain scenarios. Most of these savings are: management overhead, on costs (pension, NI, employee benefit), IoT, software licenses and hardware.

The following table demonstrates the cost comparisons of onshore and offshore resources.

*Can typically recruit in 4-8 weeks including notice periods
*Fully costed salaries include NI, Pension, Recruitment, Management Overhead, Office Space, Office Equipment


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