At Evolve, we can provide you with pioneering compliance software to make your business more productive and efficient whilst helping you stay on the right side of law and avoid penalties. Our Pro-evaluate SaaS product is designed to mitigate risk and keep you safe, allowing you to react immediately in the event of unfortunate incidents. The product is available as two separate modules, and these can be used in conjunction with each other if needed.

Audit & Compliance

The Audit & Compliance Module enables you to audit any process, asset or standard, allowing you to enhance accountability by allocating audits to anyone whilst identifying areas of risk. It will also help you record non-compliance. The module is designed for any area of your business in need of regulation or compliance.

Incident Reporting

With the Incident Reporting Module, you can capture evidence and investigate any incident. The module allows you to identify the root causes of incidents, prevent serious, business-threatening breaches and incidents and develop action plans.
Pro-evaluate also enables you to report and analyse data in both modules, enabling you to both improve and uphold business standards.

Constant connectivity

Pro-evaluate can be used across a range of devices, including laptops, desktops, smartphone and tablets. Each module is highly configurable and comes complete with a convenient, intuitive user interface. Although the software is ideal for health and safety, it is a great match for any organisation and business seeking help with auditing. Whether you need to audit a process or a piece of equipment, Pro-evaluate can meet your specific requirements. Our SaaS solution can be used offline too, so if your connection ever drops out, new information will be synced as soon as it becomes re-available. Users can also add images, raise tasks and make notes on the spot and out ‘in the field’.

Seamless integration and support

At Evolve, we can help you integrate Pro-evaluate into your business whilst providing you with outstanding support services. The Pro-evaluate online Knowledge Base features answers to most common questions, though you can always upload a screenshot with information about your issue if this doesn’t provide the solution you require. Once you have uploaded the data, we will investigate and respond. We can provide you with the services of real-life support staff during UK office hours and are also able to provide tutorials in person, on-site and via WebEx. We are able to provide as many training sessions as your team need to get to grips with the system and make the most of its various features.

Talk to us about compliance today

Without the right audit and compliance management system in place, your business could face considerable fines, lose trust and find its operations seriously compromised. However, we can provide the ideal solution for making your company as compliant as possible so you can focus on what you do best.
We are waiting to hear from you right now if you do have any queries about our innovative compliance solution, Pro-evaluate. To find out more, send a message to or call 0116 298 7460. You can also use the contact us form on the website.