At Evolve, we offer a host of IT solutions to help you meet your business targets in style, including bespoke software development, IT consultancy, custom software, change management, audit management software, professional services and more. We are able to offer software application development solutions for any requirement, creating software to enhance your business processes, customer engagement levels and the user experience. If your business is in the process of seeking out solutions that will help you maintain growth, reduce costs, improve revenue and gain a real advantage over your competitors, then we can help. We can work with any existing application landscape to make changes of real value and build upon your current infrastructure.

Responsive applications of real value

The bespoke software solutions that we offer are built to your specifications. We are able to not only provide and implement your custom solution but manage it too and have vast experience in working with companies from a wide range of sectors. Some of the core programming models and databases we work with include C#, NET Framework, Entity Framework, MVC 5, SQL and Oracle. We create responsive applications that work across all devices, including smartphones, desktops and mobile phones.

People, process and technology

When it comes to professional services solutions, we lead the way. We focus on people, process and technology to provide first-class business analysis, change management, process mapping, improvement and strategies. Our consultative approach enables us to provide bespoke services to suit the needs of companies from a range of sectors, eradicating waste and identifying the most suitable changes to boost business value.

Detailed action plans

If you feel you are lacking in a business or IT strategy, have struggled to adjust since a merger or acquisition, feel your processes are too lengthy and confused, need to boost staff engagement, have seen your projects stalling or require help with overcoming business challenges, then we are waiting to hear from you.

We can also help you with auditing and compliance to help your business to mitigate risk, stay safe and adhere to the rules that it is faced with. Pro-evaluate is a SaaS product offered by Evolve which is designed to act instantly when incidents occur. The product enables you to audit any process, standard or asset, keep track of non-compliance, develop action plans and much more.

A beneficial working relationship

We can provide you with dedicated business analyst support to help you identify business areas which require improvement and create plans to help you overcome your challenges. Without bulldozing our opinions, we will work hard to establish a fruitful working relationship with you and listen to everything you have to say before providing you with expert solutions and advice. We will use our various tools and techniques to analyse even the most complex business problems and get right to the root of them.

Contacting Evolve

To find out more about the various business and IT solutions, including Software Outsourcing, offered by Evolve, get in touch with us today. You can contact us by sending an e-mail to or by calling 0116 298 7460.