Duncan Burns – Senior Business Analyst


There are many advantages you will realise when carrying out a process mapping project, especially as improving efficiency of your operations is paramount, this solution is exactly what you need. When process mapping is successful, you can optimise a range of business processes to deliver outstanding positive change.

Where can improvements be made?

As you may have guessed from the name, process mapping consists of all the steps taken to reach a specific result being outlined on a map. Areas for improvement are highlighted to change, to provide more efficient ways of working. At Evolve, we have years of experience when it comes to providing process mapping services and have worked alongside companies from a wide range of industries.
A typical process map will include information about the various steps taken during a process and how inputs are transformed into outputs. The map will also show the decisions that need to be made across the process and reflects how different steps work with each other.

Reduce waste and boost efficiency

Process mapping gives us a valuable insight into how processes work, therefore helping us avoid expensive mistakes and supporting decision making. When we measure processes, we can manage them effectively, making improvements whenever required.
All business types can benefit from process mapping but most specifically, those that are frequently failing to gain the results that they are seeking and constantly returning to tasks that have been completed incorrectly are going to benefit massively.

Business waste can cost a company huge amounts of time and money in many areas such as skills misuse, over processing, and over production, Process mapping can dramatically reduce waste and make your company much more efficient. Process mapping tells companies how effective their processes currently are, enables them to identify areas where waste and inefficiency can be reduced and how such waste impacts on team members, customers and the companies themselves. Once the mapping process is complete, new improved processes can be introduced to vastly reduce inefficiency.

Who can benefit from process mapping?

Any organisation that uses even remotely complex processes can benefit from process mapping. Although process mapping may be heavily associated with industries such as engineering, more and more companies are benefitting from mapping services which help them cater for their customers and clients more effectively whilst helping them enhance compliance levels. Process mapping and improvement can even help certain companies gain accreditation from powerful industry bodies and therefore build trust whilst enhancing reputations.

Other benefits of process mapping

Process mapping has multiple uses; it can reduce and even eliminate points of failure, support the restructuring of businesses and organisations, support training, strengthen cultures of process awareness, boost compliance with health and safety, allow businesses to transform successfully, support mergers and help companies to return to full efficiency after an acquisition. Mapping also enables companies to save money, support business and IT alignment, enhance process control and risk management and ensure the retention of knowledge.

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