At Evolve, we are passionate about seeing your business succeed and are able to offer a wide range of valuable services to help you build on what you have already achieved to secure a brighter future. We have provided IT business analysis services for clients from a wide range of industries and deliver our analysis by taking a close look at your company culture and processes to help you become more efficient and productive.

A fresh perspective

Our customers come to us when they require a fresh perspective and wish to start a prosperous new chapter. The consultative approach offered by Evolve is designed to bring about a new vision, enabling you to identify and cut out waste whilst identifying worthwhile goals and pinpointing the changes that will help you achieve them. Examples of businesses who have benefited remarkably from our services include those that were lacking in strategy, were struggling to adjust to structural changes such as mergers and acquisitions, failing to engage their staff, needing to improve and sharpen their processes, needing help with completing stalled projects and falling behind the competition.
We can also help if you need assistance with enhancing your IT infrastructure. The businesses of today rely on technology to excel, and there are many solutions available to you, which some companies can find bewildering. We are able to use our substantial experience to help you invest in the right solutions and derive real value from the products and services your company requires.

Getting to the root of your issue

Even if you’re not quite sure what your specific problem is but are sure one exists, we can assist you. We listen very closely to everything our clients have to say and never bulldoze our opinions. Once we have gained a deep insight into your business and listened to everything you have to say, we establish a working partnership with you and provide our opinions, advice and solutions. We always assign an Evolve Business Analyst to each of our clients; your Business Analyst will use a range of tools and techniques to ensure the right questions are answered and complex business problems are resolved. They can differentiate between symptoms and problems, gain a firm understanding of your business requirements and solve problems in a methodical and effective manner, always getting right to the root of the issues you are experiencing.

Objectivity and transparency

There are many advantages attached to working with an objective and independent business analyst with no ties to your company. By working with us, you can mitigate risk, find the solutions that you require, clear away ambiguity, transform your needs into solutions, gain greater control and enjoy a considerable return on investment. We can also help you implement new ideas, develop the skills of your workforce and achieve the results that you demand.

Why Evolve?

Evolve has been a leading player in the business consultancy field for over a decade. We have received several awards for our customer-centric solutions and have worked with in excess of 70 customers around the world. We are a leading Microsoft partner that constantly adheres to our brand values and is passionate about beating the expectations of our customers.

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