e-Bate is a fast and efficient rebate management software solution


e-Bate is the world’s first SaaS based Rebate and Revenue Management Platform.

e-bate has been designed to handle your end-to-end rebate and revenue management processes, no matter how simple or complex.

By transforming your current rebate process, e-bate can provide a return on investment after just 6 months.

By providing a central, automated place for deal information, contracts and agreements, e-bate removes risk of:

  • Miscalculation
  • Mistakes caused by human error and Excel spreadsheets
  • Improves auditability and control

The best app to streamline and automate your rebate process

e-Bate is a fast, efficient and accurate software solution that allows businesses to streamline and automate their rebate process.

After several iterations as a bespoke platform, we’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned and developed a modular ‘out of the box’ solution which makes it much more cost effective for our customers.

Whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, e-Bate ensures you pay / recover revenue and can clearly see the effect on your profitability / margins.

  • Create and store complex rebate agreements
  • Feeds in transactional data to calculate rebates due or owing
  • Accrue the financial liability
  • Pay or recover the rebate value
  • View rebate position from the centralised dashboard
  • Aids negotiation of purchases and drives rebate thresholds
  • Track and analyse effectiveness of rebates in real time

What are rebates?

A rebate is a return of a portion of a purchase price by a seller to a buyer, usually on the purchase of a specified quantity, or value of goods within a specified period.

Unlike a discount (which is deducted in advance of payment), a rebate is given after the payment of full invoice amount.

Organisations collect, process and manage endless amounts of data, typically in spreadsheets, to manage their rebates.

Key rebate facts:

  • Typically greater than 5% of rebates calculated using spreadsheets are incorrect, leading to missed revenue opportunities or unnecessary over spend
  • Customers will only alert you to under payments not over payments
  • There is a disconnect between supply chain and finance when agreeing rebates
  • Research shows there are billions of pounds of unclaimed revenue across all industries due to inefficient rebate processes. 

Rebate & Revenue Management Software Features & Benefits

e-Bate is the UKs only end-to-end rebate management tool on the market

  • Rebate management
  • Revenue Management
  • Deal approval and workflow
  • Document management
  • ERP Integration
  • Master Data Management
  • Forecasting and Modelling
  • BI Integration
  • Incoming rebates
  • Outgoing rebates
  • Audit and compliance

Rebate Administration and Business Rules

  • Business rules engine for rebate calculation management
  • Set up for use in particular markets, customers, products or distribution channels
  • Set rules that allow for different rebate amounts based on time, volumes, value and more
  • Rules allow for additional validation such as maximum amounts and maximum quantity
  • Adjustments can be made within the source data and retrospectively applied to rebates

Finance and Audit to ensure compliance of the process

  • Full visibility of commercial rebates prior to payments
  • Accurate accrual accounting
  • Approval workflow for payments or charges
  • Utilise data for scenario modelling, assisting in strategic decision making and improved forecasting of cash flow

Rebate Processing and Workflow Management

  • Web based application
  • Customisable rebate types based on business rules
  • Powerful calculation engine
  • Accruals and authorised payment processes integrated with your Finance ERP
  • Approval and authorisation workflow

User Roles and Permissions

  • Configurable Role Based Access Controls
  • Control who can create, change and approve rebates and payments


  • Cloud based hosting - Our SaaS deployment model speeds up implementation and reduces operating expenses
  • On site or client data centre
  • Expert advice and consultancy and installation support

Global Benefits

  • Simplified process to manage complex rebates online
  • Reduce manual processing time of rebates
  • Reduce Supplier, Buyer and finance queries
  • Provide high level visibility and control
  • Mitigate error risk in manual calculation, accruals and payments by eliminating manual activity
  • Ensure compliance
  • Robust auditable system that provides stakeholders with confidence


  • Provide integration services for interfacing with your in-house ERP and BI solutions


  • View data in Excel, CSV, Word, XML, PDF and more...
  • Granular level data for forecasting and scenario planning

Benefits to Suppliers - Manage and calculate rebates owing

  • Pay rebates based on live, actual activity
  • Build stronger relationships with Buyers
  • Incentivise Buyers to stay with you and reduce total cost of sales
  • Encourage Buyers to buy more from you to activate higher rebate levels
  • Leverage more spend of your other goods and services to attract higher rebates
  • Accurate factual record of purchases and rebates for commercial negotiations

Benefits to Buyers - Manage and calculate rebates due

  • Ensure you are being paid what is due
  • Analyse rebate levels by supplier, goods and services
  • Effectively negotiate on commercial deals
  • Consolidate your supply base for an increased rebate
  • Single source to view all rebates including marketing, promotions, one-offs

We have over ten years’ experience delivering long-term, strategic software improvements for brands across a range of industries. We’ve evolved our own processes over the years to continue to thrive in a changing world. And that means we understand exactly how to help you to do the same.


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