Bespoke Application to Replace Existing Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software

Our Client (name not revealed due to NDA) is the world’s leading manufacturer of inhaler test equipment and a trusted provider of test instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry.


The Client offered a software solution to enable customers to enter testing data from their Inhaler Testing devices and third party HPLC testing to provide analysis on the performance of specific delivery mechanisms. 

While the current software was a successful revenue stream, it was approaching the end of its life cycle and there were other options in the market offering a better user experience. The existing software had the following limitations among others: 

  • The solution was a self-contained Windows application that could only be installed by CD which limited the hardware it could be used on. 
  • Licensing was controlled by use of a WiBu USB dongle which caused issues with network security and limited hardware choice.
  • The maximum number of runs that could be logged in a single test was fixed.
  • The UI was dated and the flow of data input was not optimal.
  • There was no audit functionality to enable CFR 21 – PART 11 compliance.

As a very first step, Evolve conducted a comprehensive discovery workshop with the Product Owners. As a result of the workshop it was established that whilst any software built to replace the existing solution must resolve the current limitations, there were also other opportunities and improvements that should be considered. 


Evolve offered to build a bespoke solution to enable the following enhancements:

  • Licensing via SDK model or similar.
  • The ability to interface to or import from HPLC software 
  • Storing of equipment information within the application including measurement data and certificates.
  • Customisable report outputs and data extracts 


The project took 5 months from requirements gathering to the final release to production. As a result of bespoke software development, Evolve delivered a solution based on a Smart Client architecture that provides the following benefits:

  • Customers can either host their inhaler test data locally on their individual device or against a single database within their own IT infrastructure. 
  • The application can be updated using ‘Over The Air’ updates at the customers’ discretion. 

Evolve continues building the Client’s solution to improve the overall offering to the customer and provides ongoing support of the custom application.

  • Discovery workshop
  • Bespoke software
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