Why are some large businesses reluctant to use SME’s?

As a small business we often face resistance from large companies  because we are ‘not big enough’.  But what does that actually mean? Does a ‘large established business’ really mitigate risk?

Small businesses have to ensure they deliver quality services, build great customer relationships and deliver value. The fact is, we are only as good as our reputation and it would be detrimental to our business if this were not the case.

So it saddens us when we read in the media “A new GP computer system is fundamentally flawed despite being three times over budget”, according to the Governments spending watchdog. Blunders have resulted in five-year delays and wasted an EXTRA £32m on unusable IT.

How do you overspend by £32m and still not have a solution?

What risk was mitigated by going with a ‘large established business’?

Will this business be impacted, or continue to survive on its brand?

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