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Evolve are very proud to be partnering with Mastek on their technology in care initiative. A digital solutions provider to the health and social care sector, Mastek have spearheaded a collective to service the sector by pulling together businesses who are specialists at providing technology solutions that can change lives and save lives.



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The specialist group comprises proven leaders in digital transformation who provide IoT (internet of Things) enabled services. Each have a specialism that contribute to a complete set of services offered through Mastek.

As a Mastek Group member, Evolve bring the ability to develop rapid prototypes of web and mobile applications and to integrate those with diagnostics and Class ll medical devices. We also provide a leading audit and compliance and incident reporting tool, Pro-evaluate, which is ideal for local government, housing associations,care homes and hospitals to ensure patient safety standards are met.

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To find out more about what Evolve can offer through the Mastek care group,
please contact us on 0116 2987460, or email us at