Are you experiencing a skills shortage in the IT? Evolve can help!

Employment within the technology industry is forecast to grow at 2.19{2fa8e7b422815187bf0349b37f692f2e86bb52bfa48df7fcfb19d6bdf61c719e} this year; nearly five times faster than the UK average, according to the 2015 Salary Guide from specialist recruiter Robert Half.

The market is being largely driven by a surge in IT upgrades, calling an end to years of under-investment in IT systems, plus technology advancements that are driving huge business change and new ventures, and the need to protect corporate data.

Here at Evolve we help companies bridge the shortage gap, particularly on projects.  We have a core team of resources that can help with infrastructure, bespoke and mobile application development as well as business analysts and project managers.  We work closely with our clients becoming either an extension of their own IT team, or an all encumbering outsource partner for their IT.

Some key facts:

  • UK tech sector growth at 2.19{2fa8e7b422815187bf0349b37f692f2e86bb52bfa48df7fcfb19d6bdf61c719e} over next 12 months
  • Nine in 10 (91{2fa8e7b422815187bf0349b37f692f2e86bb52bfa48df7fcfb19d6bdf61c719e}) IT leaders plan to increase technology investment
  • New projects include information risk & security, business intelligence, mobile solutions, application development and virtualisation
  • Almost a third (30{2fa8e7b422815187bf0349b37f692f2e86bb52bfa48df7fcfb19d6bdf61c719e}) of UK CIOs plan to increase salaries, with the average increase at 4{2fa8e7b422815187bf0349b37f692f2e86bb52bfa48df7fcfb19d6bdf61c719e}
  • Biggest salary rises are in security and data architect roles – but rises are even bigger in the US tech market

Why not just go to the contract market?

Because there is a shortage of good resources there to!  The value that Evolve brings is that you are not buying into an individual and managing lots of contracts,  you are managing one relationship with Evolve, and buying into the flexible pool of resources as and when you require.  Over time we build up strong relationships and knowledge about your business and how you work, meaning that each time your call upon our services it is not a huge learning curve.

As an award winning business we aspire to help other business achieve results.

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