Evolve Staff Spotlight – Gabby, Junior Consultant

We’ve got some really talented folk working for us here at Evolve, and we would love for our website visitors to get to know them all! So, we will be shining the Evolve Staff Spotlight on a new team member each month, starting with our Junior Consultant, Gabby Kooner.

We are always keen to encourage new talent at Evolve, both in development roles and other supporting roles throughout the business. Home grown talent is sometimes hard to come by but we recently hit the jackpot with our Junior Consultant, Gabby Kooner, who joined us earlier this year on a temporary contract. After 4 months showing us what he could do as a Junior Analyst, we decided to offer Gabby a permanent Junior Consultant role. Here is a bit more about Gabby and his journey so far with Evolve.

Gabby Kooner - Evolve Junior Consultant

Gabby Kooner – Evolve Junior Consultant


Hi Gabby! Tell us about what you studied and what you enjoyed about it.
I did an Economics degree at De Montfort University in Leicester. The course was great – I learnt about different economic theories and studied databases, gaining lots of business related knowledge. After graduating in 2016 I took a year out and travelled to China, India and Thailand which was awesome. Some of that trip I did alone which is where I gained lots of confidence.

So were you always interested in technology?
Yes, although I’d say more on the gaming side, but I’ve built my own computer in the past so I knew I’d got an aptitude for tech and I wanted a career that offered a mix of business and technology, so my job at Evolve was a perfect fit for me! Most jobs I was interested in were based down in London but I wanted to stay based in the Midlands, so when the opportunity at Evolve came along, I grabbed it with both hands.

What were your expectations when you first arrived?
I had underestimated the scale of the projects as I discovered Evolve specialised in full end-to-end bespoke software solutions as opposed to smaller apps. I was quickly involved in some really exciting things and learnt that it is better for a business to invest in consultancy rather than develop in-house, as I saw projects carried through to completion after we’d spent the time getting to know the customer and the project inside out.

What is your favourite part of the role?
I love to learn and I’m inquisitive so that lends itself to this role. Spending time with our senior BA, Duncan, is fantastic as I feel like I’m learning every day. Most of all, I just love the merging of business and technology – they are my two favourite things and I feel very lucky to be able to work in that field every day.

Gabby is a great addition to the Evolve Team and has been willing to throw himself at anything and everything since he started with us. Keep a look out for our next Staff Spotlight where we will be introducing you to Colette, our Chief Technology Officer.