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Imagine if you could find a piece of software that did exactly what your department needs. No extraneous bells and whistles that get in the way of your own internal procedures. No shoe-horning your workflow into someone else’s idea of what your department should be doing.

Why Engage a Custom Software Development Company?

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect solution to a problem, then you should probably be considering a bespoke software solution. Custom Software Development is no longer just the preserve of huge multi-national organisations, or those which have focused internal development teams.

Industry Specific

Many businesses, especially SMEs, operate on the edge of their industries, perhaps even marrying two together to provide a custom bridge between the two spheres. This means it’s very unlikely there’ll be a one-size-fits-all off-the-shelf solution to your business needs – software that is a perfect fit for one half of your business may hinder the progress of the other. If you need to use two or more software solutions to complete your task, there is almost certainly a better way.

Strategic edge

Efficiency and profitability are inevitably linked. Inefficient processes waste time and resources, which in turn has an impact on profitability, allowing less resources to be allocated to increasing efficiency. By creating a custom software solution, you can maximise the efficiency of your processes, workforce, and business as a whole, allowing them to accomplish far more than ever before. Responding to requests faster, getting orders processed with fewer errors. Efficient processes and the reassurance and quality they bring can have a huge impact on your reputation, and ensure you get repeat custom time and time again.

A fresh approach

You might feel that you could improve things with a customised software solution, but find it difficult to articulate exactly what’s wrong with your current set-up. That’s where a custom software development company like Evolve can help. By analysing your business as an outsider, they are better placed to spot the places where “we’ve always done it this way” has led to inefficiency or the process beginning to become more cumbersome than useful.

What we offer

Here at Evolve, our primary focuses are on people, process and technology. We listen to you, as the expert in your own business, telling us what you need from your technology. Then we work to transform how you operate. Other businesses may just code and go – but we stay with you until your custom software is working as exactly as expected, and your workforce is using it happily.

Talk to us if you are having issues with:

  • Out of date software
  • Lengthy manual processes
  • Difficulty with audits due to complex processes or outdated spreadsheets
  • Data stored in multiple applications that cannot be integrated
  • Software limitations stifling growth potential
  • Inability to make best use of technological innovation due to legacy systems
  • Complaints from disillusioned and unproductive staff 


Our three stage process – listen, transform, and enrich – starts with us listening to your company. If you’ve read this far, please call us on 0116 298 7460, so we can listen to your problems and see if we can help. We’re also available to email at or filling out our contact form. We’ve got over a decade of experience in creating bespoke software and helping firms just like yours break the shackles of inefficient processes and outdated software to expand.