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R&D extension offshore
The talent shortage is a major roadblock preventing many businesses from achieving their software development roadmaps on time and budget. If your company operates within the EU/UK/North America, you’re probably facing the lack of qualified tech experts to join your software engineering team. A KMPG survey which questioned over 3,000
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diverse teams for software development
Most people in the corporate world support diversity and inclusion because they feel that it’s “the right thing to do.” Others might say that they need to recruit a diverse group of people to be in-synch with labour laws or to get government grants and contracts that support such initiatives.
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open banking outsourcing
New technologies are constantly reshaping the banking industry, changing both consumer experience and the ways financial companies operate. Open banking grants third-party companies secure access to customers’ personal and financial data and extends the range of consumer-targeted financial services. Switching between the accounts of different banks, being suggested the best
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how to attract funding with an extended fintech team
Our partner company’s software product has just been shortlisted as a finalist for Network Computing Awards 2020 in two categories: The Return on Investment Award and One to Watch Company. We’re happy to have contributed to this success by building and hosting a client-tailored Extended Team in our Ukraine-based R&D
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extended teams for startups
It’s no secret that British companies are suffering from a tech talent shortage. According to the Tech Nation Report, as many as one in three London-based startups are plagued by the talent shortage.  When the competition for the brightest minds in the business intensifies, salaries skyrocket, and companies have to
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extended teams in Ukraine, brexit implications on tech hiring, brexit implications on IT staffing
“Brexit means Brexit” and “We are all Brexiters now” – that’s what we heard for over three years until it finally happened. Now what? What does it mean for tech hiring in the United Kingdom?  There’s still a lot of confusion and concern over the overall impact of Brexit, but
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how to build GDPR compliant software
GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, means a lot to any business operating within/catering to clients in the European Union. In fact, more than €114 million of fines have already been handed out between May 2018 to January 2020. This only accounts for over 150,000 data breaches that occurred in
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how to build a highly effective extended team abroad
As we get ready to thrive in the decade of hyper digitisation, many companies are still faced with the daunting task of hiring tech talent.  Why is it daunting to hire qualified software developers locally?  The answer to that question is (what seems to be) the never-ending tech talent shortage.
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extended team in ukraine
Have you ever been in what seems like a never-ending process of trying to source highly-skilled developers locally? Or when the deadline is just around the corner, and you have no bandwidth to deliver? If so, you’re not alone. We know because we’ve been in the same position ourselves. And
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how to hire top talent in Ukraine
Once upon a time, Evolve wanted to grow our business and needed extra tech talent to make this happen. However, as we started our search locally in the Midlands, we faced a huge challenge of finding seasoned tech specialists we badly needed on our product development team. Our local search
penetration testing for startups, cybersecurity audit by Evolve
Last year, we heard a lot of new buzzwords that global security leaders and practitioners used to describe a current cybersecurity landscape. Despite the growing security concerns and strict measures adopted by countries and corporations to minimise cyber threats and the level of their impact on people and systems, cyber-attacks
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Extended Teams mitigate impact of IR35 on businesses
This article looks into challenges UK businesses are facing today as a result of HMRC regulation and IR35 in particular and shows how using Extended Software Teams built offshore or nearshore can be a good response to those challenges. What is IR35? IR35 refers to “the UK’s anti-avoidance tax legislation designed to
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Evolve among top software development providers
We’re excited to announce Evolve has been featured in the List of Top 50 Software Houses 2019 by the international analytics hub Techreviewer. Go to list Based on data about companies available on the web and several important parameters such as customer reviews and expertise, Techreviewer’s analytics team drew up
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e-Bate co-founders
Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE and Colette Wyatt have received funding from Mercia Asset Management, the MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund, which is managed by Mercia and part of the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, and private investors. The funding will allow them to expand their sales and marketing activities
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On Friday, October 11, AVI-SPL was recognized at the AV Awards in London with two prestigious industry awards: AV Management and Control Technology of the Year and International Integrator of the Year. In the category AV Management and Control Technology of the Year, AVI-SPL won for its Symphony user experience management application. With Symphony, organizations
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Hastee Pay win ‘Mobile project of the Year’ at prestigious Computing: Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2018 Hastee Pay, the London based fintech that promotes financial wellbeing through on-demand payment, is delighted to have been awarded Mobile Project of the Year at the Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2018. The prestigious award
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