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digital transformation trends 2021
The Coronavirus pandemic has cemented the critical role of IT across industries. Regardless of the size of the organisation, everyone was affected, ushering in a final push to transform digitally all aspects of enterprise operations. As we get ready to say goodbye to this unprecedented year, we are starting to
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how much to budget for software development in 2021
Let’s face it, for many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic obliterated revenue streams and, in turn, budgets. Business and technology leaders had to adopt a conservative approach to their budgets. So it’s no surprise that in 2020, IT spend was down by 7.3% worldwide. However, with potential vaccines showing some positive
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how to build a productive software team
Are you considering adding an extended development team to your local software developers? If you take the time to build a collaborative, well-resourced remote operation, the extended team model offers significant payoffs for your business. As well as significant time and cost savings, you’ll be able to tap into a
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software development checklist
For more than 13 years, we at Evolve have had the privilege of partnering with innovators and businesses with cool software ideas. We’ve always been passionate about helping them out from ideation to fruition. This allowed us to learn a lot of invaluable lessons, which we’ve used to create this
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best software companies in midlands
We’re pleased to announce that a leading tech review platform Techreviewer has included Evolve in the List of Top 80 Software Companies 2020. Evolve has been featured in the list for the second consecutive year as a result of our extensive bespoke software development expertise, a portfolio of successfully delivered
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top staff augmentation companies
We’re excited to announce that a full-fledged b2b tech research and review platform GoodFirms has included Evolve in the List of Top Staff Augmentation Companies 2020. GoodFirms uses different algorithms to calculate the average ratings and scores of the companies listed. The final score is based on the four main
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build bespoke software in leicester
When a business has a specific need for software that cannot be addressed by off-the-shelf software, it tasks in-house developers to create its own software or hires a bespoke software development provider to do the job. As a tech consultancy that’s been building bespoke, client-tailored software for more than 13
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bespoke software development advantages and disadvantages
Opting for bespoke software development can feel like a huge decision for your company, both financially and in terms of a long-term strategy.  “Is this the direction that’s right for us?” seems like such a simple question. But, given how much information there is out there – often contradictory –
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how to make the most of remote teams
Within the software development community, remote working was the rage even before the pandemic. This is because it offered access to top tech talent that wasn’t available locally, provided flexibility, and helped keep costs down.  However, if you haven’t managed a remote distributed software development team before, you might have
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how to secure enterprise apps
Cybersecurity threats are rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated by the day. New application and cloud deployment models also add to its existing complexity.  This makes maintaining security consistently quite challenging. But it’s something you can’t put on the back burner to deal with later. Regardless of its complexities, enterprise application
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signs software project goes wrong
Sometimes software development projects and agile teams fail. An astounding 90% of startups also fail. While the statistics change year on year, the overall negative trend remains.  So before embarking on your next project, it’s vital to take steps to ensure that you also don’t end up as just another
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why choose bespoke software development
Every business is unique and has different approaches to successfully solving complex challenges. Whenever this is the case, off-the-shelf software just doesn’t cut it and investment in bespoke software development is the best option. Most often, companies have to change the way they operate to accommodate the turnkey solution. Sometimes,
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enterprise software architecture
Enterprise software forms the foundation of digitally transformed industries. It’s at the heart of enhanced collaboration, productivity, and profit. However, like any physical structure built on a solid foundation, it all starts with the right drawing up the right architecture. Many companies are also sourcing their computing power through cloud
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hire tech consultancy near me
What has tech consulting got to do with project management?  More than you might think, depending on how tight your current information technology setup is.  The Project Management Institute’s Pulse of the Profession survey found that businesses with a clear project management structure in place had 38% more successful projects
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Evolve recognised as the best IT service provider in Ukraine
We’re excited to announce that GoodFirms has featured Evolve among the Top 15 IT Service Companies in Ukraine in 2020. As a full-fledged research and review platform, GoodFirms helps software buyers and service seekers to choose the best-fitted software or firm that’s likely to deliver to their expectations and on budget.
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bespoke business automation
When most people hear the word “automation,” they usually think of massive factories with robots building products. While this was true a couple of decades ago, artificial intelligence and machine learning have come a long way to disrupt industries. Today, automation isn’t just about large corporations and robots. Automation software
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custom software development UK
Custom software development is a rapidly expanding market. Recent estimates predict accelerated growth over the first half of this decade to reach $26.7 billion in 2024. Graph Showing Expansion of Custom Software Development.(Image source: technavio.com) It’s easy to see why this is the case. Increases in connectivity over the past
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how to choose the right commercial model for software development
When it comes to software development, there are several ways to approach it. Historically, development service providers followed traditional models where you pay for the number of team members, the number of hours worked, overheads, and so on, but that’s starting to change.  As our ability to optimise practically grows
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bespoke enterprise software development
In recent years, software development has witnessed a tremendous transformation. In an effort to maintain a competitive advantage, enterprises have rapidly adopted and incorporated emerging technologies, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Machine Learning (ML), is no exception. With AI and ML heavily involved in software development cycles, enterprise software is
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MVP development for startups in UK
The last decade was a decade of disruption and innovation, driven by startups. In fact, we have seen an explosion of startups popping up all over the planet, but we only hear about the ones that make it. Failure was often the direct result of not building a successful Minimum
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How a Startup Consultant can Help Avoid Failures
If you dream of turning your business idea into a fully saleable and scaleable product, onboarding a startup consultant early on can be a great help in making that happen.  To put it mildly, starting a business is a minefield of strategic, technical, and operational obstacles and burdens – any
startup product development strategy, product development roadmap, product roadmap, software development strategy, bespoke software development, how to set project goals, startup product strategy
Whether you’re an early-stage startup or an established business, a product development roadmap is at the heart of innovation and success. However, in a rush to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), sometimes startups skip this part of the process with dire consequences.  But before we get ahead of ourselves,
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startup product development team
Have you just completed a new funding round or attracted external investments from VCs or private parties? Congrats! You’re now officially at the start of your startup product development journey. Now when you have the money, you can start planning your product development roadmap and proceed with proof-of-concept/MVP development processes.
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top bespoke software developers in uk
We’re excited to announce that a dedicated directory of B2B IT Service providers, TopDevelopers.co has listed us among the Top 10 Competent Software Developers in the UK as of September 2020. Through in-depth research on software development and delivery capabilities, TopDevelopers.co put together a list of efficient bespoke software development
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