Software application development for any need

We design, build and implement software solutions to improve business processes, user experience and customer engagement.

Bespoke software development


Talk to us if your business is:

  • Planning for growth and wants to develop solutions
  • Looking for new solutions to improve efficiency
  • Looking to identify cost savings
  • Planning on driving up revenue and profits
  • Wanting to gain competitive advantage through innovation

Whatever your current application landscape, we can collaborate with you to make it better.

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What are bespoke software solutions?

Our bespoke software solutions are designed and built to agreed specifications based on your IT issue and business objectives.

Bespoke software for businessesWe provide, implement and manage your bespoke solution to improve efficiency, accuracy, productivity and results for businesses in a multitude of different industries. There are three fundamental things we concentrate on to deliver this transformation: ‘people, process, and technology’.

Here are some technical details to explain what tools we use to provide our bespoke software solutions:

Core programming models/databases

  • C#
  • NET Framework
  • Entity Framework
  • MVC 5
  • SQL
  • Oracle

Our responsive web based applications work on all devices from desktops to tablets to mobile phones.

We have yet to come across a system we cannot work with!


How can bespoke software solutions help my business?

Evolve IT Consulting Ltd - Listen Transform Enrich

Absolutely key to our success with all projects is our commercial business and consultancy experience combined with our innovative solution design. This means we take all factors into account before launching into a new project. It also means that we don’t compromise between functionality and design; our apps have easy to use and navigate designs at the front end, with high functionality at the back.

The key thing the businesses we work with have in common is that they are changing in some way:

  • Planning for growth and want to develop solutions that can grow with them
  • Looking for new solutions to improve efficiency in some area(s)
  • Identifying cost savings
  • Driving up revenue and profits
  • Gaining competitive advantage through innovation
You may also recognise your software issues here:

  • Out of date with unsupported applications
  • Manual processes that take a large amount of time
  • Excel spreadsheets; affected by errors and are un-auditable
  • Lacking visibility, control and auditability
  • Missing vital stages of the process you require
  • ‘Clunky’ and long-winded
  • Incompatible with new applications
  • Disjointed with no single source of master data
  • Complaints throughout the business
  • Not fit for purpose
  • Not aligned to other applications in your business
  • Unable to cope with your business’ development and growth plans
  • Reliant on a single resource
  • Have limited skills and knowledge to innovate
Your new Evolve bespoke software solution will…

  • Be chosen in partnership to meet your business needs
  • Improve efficiency, accuracy, productivity and results
  • Provide a vastly improved solution that’s easy for consumers to use
  • Drive further business growth and development
  • Allow you to concentrate on other business-critical issues
  • Get your people on-board
  • Improve your customer’s experience
  • Improve visibility, transparency and audibility
  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide you with the flexible skills and knowledge to deliver your innovative ideas

The Evolve Approach


Before we do anything, we listen.

We respect that YOU are the expert in YOUR business – we will not bulldoze our opinions but instead, we establish a working partnership with you and will listen to your business objective, goals and areas planned for improvement, then offer our expert opinions, advice and solutions.

Here at Evolve, we are a friendly bunch of professionals with many years’ experience in developing and implementing software to drive business improvements. We are confident we can help you to make the right technology choices and investment aligned to your strategy, designed to improve your business process and efficiency, whilst engaging your teams and minimising risk to your operations.

Talk to us: We’re all ears.


To positively transform an element of how your business currently works is what we get out of bed for – We love it! There are three fundamental things we concentrate on to deliver this transformation: ‘people, process, and technology’.

After investing the time to listen to what it is you need to achieve and providing the right solution, we would never drop that software solution into your business in isolation and just expect it to work. Instead, we carefully consider everything from the bigger picture down to granular details of the project; our ‘transform’ element encapsulates this end-to-end process which engages your people and manages business change to support your new technology. Our solutions improve visibility, reduce waste and improve efficiency. These benefits can only be realised with the support we offer as part of the process. We will always keep you up to date throughout the whole process – you can be as involved as you want to be and we will always have time to talk.


Working collaboratively with you and other key stakeholders in your business, we aim to deliver either a bespoke software solution, one of our software products or an off the shelf solution, that will enrich the day-to-day running of your business and the products and services you deliver to your customers.

Evolve customers enjoy saving time and money and reducing stress, meaning the people within their organisations are happier and engaged. And, when people are happy and engaged, research shows that their productivity is enhanced by 202%, then we know we’ve done a good job!

We believe that the people working in your business, are the business, so we aim to introduce a new solution with change management services to make sure any changes, are smooth and positive with minimum disruption. And, once we’ve delivered your software solutions, it doesn’t stop there: our customer support and maintenance service means we’re always here to help you, for as long as you need us.

The Evolve approach
Input Output
Identify Need Face to Face Meeting
Discovery Meeting Written Proposal and Options
Proposal Review Acceptance to proceed
Detailed Requirements Workshops Functional & Non-Functional Requirements
Prototype/Wireframe Design / Solution Sign-Off
Project Kick-Off Detailed Project Plan
Build / Configure / Test Test System Live
System Documentation Train the Trainer
User Acceptance Testing Solution Sign-Off
Implementation Production System
GO LIVE Support & Maintenance