Why use an IT Consultancy when you’ve got an internal team? There are many reasons why outsourcing a project will work for you, here are our top 5:


Your internal IT team may have an impressive level of experience, but only a consultancy can provide your business with experience that draws on multiple external projects. A consultancy is likely to have worked with many different clients in many different industries, giving them a far broader mix of experience of different apps, languages and frameworks that you may not or cannot consider due to lack of internal knowledge or capacity.


You can turn the thumb screws! When you are paying a third party provider and that provider has agreed a time scale with you, it is their job to stick to it. If you need a project implementing quickly, then look for a consultancy that can achieve it. Given a short time scale, your internal team are likely to feel pressured and drop other projects or make mistakes. Using a consultancy you can lay down your requirements at the outset and be sure it’ll be delivered, and not to the detriment of anything else.


As outsiders, your consultancy will be able to look at your IT issue/project with fresh eyes. They will almost definitely see things your internal team won’t and provide you with an alternative perspective, usually one that will ensure the project is successful. A consultancy will not get distracted or bogged down with legacy company hang-ups (“we’ve always done it like this”) and will be able to provide truly unbiased advice.


How long has your internal team been meaning to get to that project? Things can sit on a to-do list for years in a business because, well, because of everything else! If you REALLY want to put your team’s project into motion, a consultancy can make it happen. Maybe you need a ‘helping hand’ and then your guys can pick things up? A good consultancy can advise you if that’s feasible or not, but there is nothing wrong with hiring a firm to get you out of a rut, for you to then take the reins and drive a project over the finish line.


If you’ve ever felt like your organisation needs to move forward, you are not alone. You may sometimes feel like your internal departments are working in silos, possibly breeding tunnel vision, a blame culture and most damaging of all; resistance to change. To not embrace change in a business is bad news – competitors who DO encourage change are far more likely to succeed as they adapt to new technology and the requirements and demands of their customers who are also evolving. A consultancy will understand that it’s very difficult to see above the parapet in these situations and an external agency can help you create a brighter future with fresh new ideas.



Evolve-IT Consulting Ltd Team

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