4 Reasons to Consider an Extended IT Team

It’s no secret that a successful business is all about having the right people at the core of any project. However, where there is business success there’s company growth which comes with it’s own challenge; you need more people on board to develop and achieve new business goals.

Finding and hiring the best resources is one of the most challenging tasks as a business you’ll need to face, especially if your internal team is small and resources limited.

Have you considered an externally extended IT team? Here are 4 reasons why you should:

1.  Growth opportunities without distracting your team. Your in-house IT team might be working on a project that requires their total focus and time. Extending your IT team means you can delegate any new short-term projects to your new external team, without any disruption to your in-house team and their work structure.

2. Access to a wider knowledge base. Broadening your IT team with highly trained experts gives you the benefits of a wider knowledge base of technologies, local markets, and other niche skills that your business and internal team might be lacking in.

3.  Cost-effectiveness. An extended IT team can save you time and money on the lengthy recruitment and training process, whilst giving you the expertise needed to make your software solution work.

4. A new perspective.  It can be refreshing and beneficial to receive an outsider’s input. Often the core root of an internal issue can be overlooked, the benefits of bringing someone in externally is that they can bring clarity and a clear solution to the issue.
You can extend your IT team whilst maintaining total control through Evolve. We build the team you need based on your specific business requirements. To discuss your team requirements, get in touch today to arrange an initial consultation.