Evolve Joins The Good Youth Employment Charter

We’re excited to announce that Evolve has joined The Good Youth Employment Charter.

Young people as a group are more likely to be affected by any economic downturn,  and there is a real risk that youth unemployment could rise to 2 million people as a devastating consequence of Covid-19.

That’s one of the reasons Evolve has joined the Youth Employment Charter. Another reason is that we want to help our national economy thrive post-Brexit and we believe young people need to get career development support now to be able to contribute to the country’s wellbeing in the future. 

“Young people are our future,” says Colette Wyatt, CEO of Evolve. “As a business, we want to harness their drive and motivation by immersing them into a real-world working environment where they’ll be solving real-world client issues, learning from senior and more experienced colleagues, and gaining important skills they’ll need to thrive in their professional and personal life.”

Going forward, Evolve will offer career development and learning opportunities and support to young people from different backgrounds who’re looking to join the world of tech and make our life better using technology.

As a bespoke software development company that’s been operating successfully for more than 13 years, we’ve accumulated unique expertise and knowledge that will allow us to teach our young employees different software development methodologies and clean code driven development, as well as build their skills in project management and business intelligence, software QA and testing, UX/UI design, and more. 

As a youth-friendly employer, Evolve is committed to recruiting and developing young people based on their ability, talent, and potential regardless of their background or experience.





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