So you want to build an app?

So you want to build an app?
You want it to be easy to use, not too complex, just a few buttons and screens. So, a simple app, yeah? That all sounds great, if only there was such a thing…

Many people believe that a ‘simple’ app requires less development and is therefore quick and cheap to produce, but that is a HUGE misconception. All development is time consuming no matter how complex or simple the front end appears, the back end can be the portal to another universe… Or thereabouts.

Software development companies who tell you they can produce something fast and cheap are not being honest. If you go with them invariably the project will run over, and it will cost you more than you’ve bargained/budgeted for.

If you’ve come this far with your idea for an app that’s going to change the world, you need to use a developer who is going to produce what you demand, work with you in a way you can trust, and not give you a surprise bill at the end of it all.

We’ve produced this diagram to show exactly what’s behind these ‘simple’ apps. As you can see, it’s a LOT of stuff. This may help you appreciate timing and cost too so you can plan your development and launch more accurately.

Lastly, if a development quote sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Talk to Evolve first, we can help you take those first steps in making your app dream come true.


a 'simple' app back end

a ‘simple’ app back end