Audit & compliance software for any industry

An off-the-shelf, web-based software solution that allows you to monitor, evaluate and audit anything to remain compliant and mitigate business risk. 

● Create comprehensive question sets
● Audit ANY process, asset, standard
● Check whether you are doing what you need to do to achieve compliance
● Allocate actions to individuals for non-compliance
● Report through the analytics module or dashboard
● Drives the need for improvement
● Integrate with other systems via API’s

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Pro-evaluate from Evolve-IT Consulting. Audit and compliance software.

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The best software for compliance and auditing

Pro-evaluate is a compliance and auditing tool designed as a web-based replacement for former market leader CHASE, (a desktop application for managing health and safety, compliance, and auditing). Evolve have developed Pro-evaluate to produce an off-the-shelf model for businesses and organisations in any industry or sector to use.

Pro-evaluate is perfect for health and safety but it is certainly not limited to that. Everything in an organisation or business needs to be audited; whether that’s a piece of equipment or a process.
Pro-evaluate allows anyone in any organisation to audit anything, promoting self audit to change behaviour.

Here’s why Pro-evaluate is the best compliance software
application on the market:

  • Web-based application
  • Multiple log in for your whole organisation for individual audit responsibility
  • Easily track, measure and audit your compliance wherever you or your team are
  • Can be used by any person, anywhere, for anything
  • Capture images to upload directly into your audit
  • Responsive design for multi-device use
  • Track actions, analyse results and make changes to drive results
  • Online and offline modes
  • Can be used with speech recognition for hands-free recording
  • Record the evidence that you are exercising due diligence
  • We can integrate with your existing systems in install Pro-evaluate
pro evaluate ui - audit and compliance software

Pro-evaluate UI from Evolve – experts in software development

The most flexible compliance software on the market

  • Multi-device application for desktop computer, laptop, tablet and phone
  • Record monitoring and auditing answers on-site – no more manual note taking
  • Senior Managers can check that monitoring schedules are being complied with, audit plans are up-to-date and agreed improvement actions are being implemented
  • Managers can check that their teams are monitoring as required and quickly check for deteriorating performance
  • Assess your compliance with the processes and procedures within your management systems
  • Check whether you are doing what you need to do to achieve compliance
  • Identify areas for continued improvements
  • Measure and analyse your compliance data
  • Use trend analysis to determine how compliance is changing over time
  • Set continual improvement objectives
  • Create and monitor organisation-wide auditing and inspection plans
  • Create precise and comprehensive question sets
  • Automatically ensure that specific questions are put to a precise target audience 
  • Fully supports the Plan Deliver Check Act (PDCA) structure of the Deming Cycle
  • Record the evidence that shows you are exercising due diligence
  • Demonstrate that you are monitoring all key compliance requirements
  • Show that you are assessing the effectiveness of your management systems
  • Show how you measure people’s knowledge and awareness
  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Track the progress and assess the effectiveness of improvement actionsAssess compliance with legislation and standards

Legislation – health and safety, environmental, public health, consumer etc

ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 27000, 31000OHSAS 18001

Pro-evaluate from Evolve - audit and compliance software

Be Compliant, not complacent

  • Write or buy a question set
  • Answer the questions during monitoring and auditing
    Use the results to:
  • Measure compliance
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

Pro-evaluate functionality can be broken down into four key stages:


Decide what you want to achieve, for example, compliance with OHSAS 18001, and write a set of questions that describes what you need to do. This question set is the basis of your plan.


Implement the actions necessary to get the ‘correct’ answers to your question set.


After a suitable time period, answer the questions in the set by carrying out suitable monitoring or audit. Analyse the results to check the extent of your compliance.

Act to improve

Initially, improvement actions are likely to be about improving compliance but once this has been achieved, actions will be about improving your processes and procedures.




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Evolve also offer professional services to ensure any new software is effectively integrated into your business, ensuring stakeholder buy-in, improved processes and end user adoption.

Case studies

Total produce – a video case study

Watch our video featuring Group Health, Safety & Environment Officer, Mark Gaines at Total Produce. Mark talks about how he uses audit and compliance software Pro-evaluate in his business and what he thinks about the product.

Many of our customers are in the construction sector, manufacturing, or organisations that deal with the public on some level.

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Construction companies have to carry out a number of tasks where compliance is not only a matter of obeying rules but a matter of risk of injury to life or limb if something is unsafe. Regular site inspections. They have to do risk assessments, and staff inductions.

Pro-evaluate is really for anyone who wants to ensure that they are being compliant with a management system and therefore mitigating risks within their business. It’s especially useful for organisations that want to make sure their sites and locations are safe, and great for those with compliance challenges across lots of physical locations.

Across multiple sites, when a manager comes on site, he can fill in the questions live, on a tablet as he goes. If he needs to add photographic evidence, raise a task to request a recommendation, make a note of something or flag something as unsafe or not compliant, he can do this all on the spot. If there’s wi-fi, this is synced into the system straight away, otherwise, it’s synched as soon as it’s connected.

Pro-evaluate case studies will be added soon. Call us on 0116 2987460 or email if you’d like more information.